He loves me.. he loves me not..


Counting flowers.. one by one.. yeah, it’s so old-fashioned yet romantic..

Is it worth it to ask the flower? will it give you satisfaction?

How can you tell that he loves you or not.. 

One of the biggest problem for a girl who loves to dream.. they don´t tell people what happen in their head.. they don´t talk, don´t share, they just dream. Everything happens in the head and heart.. even the pain and suffering. They cry alone and wipe their own tears.

And now here I am, falling in love, and just too afraid to say it out loud. Fear of the consequences, what if he doesn’t love me back? what if he laughed at my feeling and throw it away.. what if ???!

But his image stuck in my head, wandering around, bothering me.. I´ve tried to make it go away, but it came back..and stayed there. I´m too old for this, waiting around.. hoping that he will come as a knight in shining armor..

Should I tell him? at least I can think of it as a closure.. to get him off my head..

yeah, guess that’s the right thing to do.. don´t you think?

“it´s better to express rather than to expect, you already have the no take a risk of getting the yes”  

*thinking while watching the last flower petal falling down…



One thought on “He loves me.. he loves me not..

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